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Bringing you the best of Peru since 1996.


Mama Tina's Logo

Who is Mama Tina?

The Inspiration for our Quality Peruvian Ingredients

Alberto Rojas created the Mama Tina's line in honor of his mother, who opened her home and her heart to the extended Rojas family. Cousins, nieces, and nephews knew they were always welcome at her dinner table. She prepared traditional Peruvian dishes using only the highest quality foods she could provide. Her passion for food and her unshakable values inspire our family-run business today.

To uphold Mama Tina's high standards, we travel to Peru to choose the finest ingredients, which we import and distribute ourselves. Native Peruvians trust the Mama Tina's brand, recognizing the authentic ingredients of their homeland. Our reputation for quality extends beyond this community as well, since anyone who takes an interest in Peruvian cooking soon discovers that Mama Tina's is the finest source for the distinctive ingredients of Peruvian cuisine. We take pride in helping our customers provide for their families the way Mama Tina always provided for ours.

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